Northern Wu Style Taiji Quan

We are the Wu Style Taiji Society, the U.K. representatives of 'Wu Style Taiji Research Group'.

Our function, as a group, is to bring forth the martial tradition of the Wu Style whilst we continue to explore knowledge of Taiji Quan.

Northern Wu Style Taiji is both traditional and entire. It remains unique for it retains all aspects of its training which holistically encompasses Mind, Body and Spirit. Though nothing has been lost or removed, our attitude in training is not a dinosaur but progressive, under brilliant teachers such as Sifu Jiang, who has been able to integrate a traditional system in a way that is relevant to the modern world. Therefore, our aims are as follows:

  • To raise awareness that Taiji is a complete and viable combat system.
  • To explore and deepen our understanding of the philosophies of the Martial Arts.
  • To build relationships within the Martial Art Community.

You are very welcome to join our classes to experience, not only this style, but the enthusiasm and family that we share. Those who study this style of Taiji find that it yields a harmony so pure that it defies description. For this reason, we will carry Wu Style through the long days of our lives to help bring the true Art of Taiji down from the mountains of China to the hills of the western world.

Written by Kate Westwood